23.08.2013 BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London
„… the woodwinds contributed pungently, and the with-chill passages were suitably lonely; sometimes the thinnest and quietest threads of sound held the air with pin-dropping significance, and mention must be made of the flute-playing, here and elsewhere, of Krzysztof Malicki, which was spellbinding.”

5.11.2012 Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Emerson Concert Hall
„Of special note was the fulgurant flute solo a little more than two minutes into the movement, impressively played by principal Krzysztof Malicki.”

21.10.2012 Music Worcester
„In the finale, Dvorak wrote a movement that plays like a mini-Concerto for Orchestra, showcasing various sections and soloists in the orchestra. Friday’s performance featured a dazzling account of the movement’s flute solo by principal Krzysztof Malicki, as well as thrilling brass playing throughout.”